2021 Summer

Summer Music from Greensboro (SMfG) has no definitive plans to present live indoor concerts in Greensboro this forthcoming summer of 2021. Our primary focus must of course be the health and safety of our audience members, our volunteers, our performing artists, and those of our members who open their homes to host our performing artists. The health risks and attendant complications presented by the pandemic – and Vermont’s health regulations, which impose significant restrictions upon the presentation of indoor concerts to live audiences - make it exceedingly difficult at this date to schedule any future indoor concerts. Please be assured that we are monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis and we are hopeful that as the pandemic continues to recede within the U.S. and Vermont, we will again become able to schedule and present live indoor concerts in Greensboro this summer without any significant health risks to anyone. We thank you for your continuing support.

Robert Burke

Charles Carter

John Loeb

Richard Lovett

Day L. Patterson

Nick Russotto